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Illuminated Switch

Ta25°C STANLEY logo

Series Shape Size (mm) L x W Height (mm) Stroke (mm) Color variation
LS2 2AA*
(two color)
LS2 2AA 7.6 × 7.0 2,8 0,25 pg fg g yg y o r
LS2 1BB*
(one color)
LS2 1BB 7.6 × 7.0 3,1 0,25 pg fg g yg y o r
LS6 LS6 5.2 × 5.2 2,5 0,2 pg fg g yg y o r
L59 L59 3.2 × 6.0 2,5 0,2 pg fg g yg y o r
LS47 LS47 3.8 × 3.4 2,5 0,15 pg fg g yg y o r

*)  The reflow temperature profile for lead-free is not supported.

Concerning color variation

Similar colors are omitted from the color variation indicated above.

o includes two types of orange: Orange and Super brightness orange.

r includes four types of red: Red, High brightness red, Super brightness red and Ultra brightness red

.Please see the TACTILESWITCH Selection Guide for more information.

Pb free RoHS