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Crystal Oscillator


Package Model Type Pb free* Dimension
(Max. mm)
Frequency range
CSX-750 CITIZEN Oskillaattorit CSX-750F Clock Oscilllators 2 7.2×5.2×1.6 1.0~80.0
CSX-750F Series Low Voltage Clock Oscilllators 2 7.2×5.2×1.6 1.0~39.9
CSX-750P Series Programmable scillators 2 7.2×5.2×1.6 1.0~125.5
CSX-750V Series VCXO 2 7.2×5.2×1.6 2.0~40.0

*The meanings of the number in the Pb free column are as follows.
1•••• RoHS Compliant Standard (Complete Pb free products)
2•••• RoHS Compliant Optional